Marcus Veith lives in Geneva, Switzerland. He speaks fluent English, French, German and Italian…after 2-3 glasses of Italian white wine. Since he can remember, he has been creating and re-inventing sport board games and playing and testing them with his friends and family.

He is both a huge board game player and a sports fan, football in particular (which he played at a relatively high level in Switzerland). For this reason, he combined his two passions into a football board game, Futgoal.

About WEAREBOARD S.A: Leader in sports board games

WeAreBoard S.A. is based in Geneva Switzerland and aims to become the leader and a household name in sports-based board games. WeAreBoard S.A. is the pioneer of a new age in realistic sports-themed board games and FUTGOAL is our first published game (of many to come) which is sold exclusively on our website:

The innovative FUTGOAL game mechanism can be adapted to other team sports e.g. Basketball, Hockey, Rugby, Handball and also other sports such as Tennis, Badminton etc.

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